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Teaching is a unique and acquired skill that takes time to develop. A teacher's mentoring in any given skill can entirely change the outcome of the pupil's skill. While many teachers may have one form of teaching, a pattern, process, or curriculum that they use for all their students, I prefer a different approach, one that supported me, and I believe can support just about anyone. I like to use a more adaptive curriculum, one that flexes with the individual needs and skills of the student. While I do use standard repertoire, technique building exercises, and activities proven to help grow the talent of an individual, these can ebb and flow in pacing, intensity, and length purely given the skill and needs of my pupils. I have your best growth and achievements at heart and I am here to support you. I would love to mentor you or your child in the cello. 

Pricing & Lesson Info

  • Introductory Trial Lesson: FREE

    • A one hour introductory trial lesson is used both for me to evaluate the student – looking at their skills and musicality, as well as getting a sense of their personality – along with the student evaluating me, since having a good overall connection is vital to good learning. ​Parents are invited to sit in on this lesson.

  • One Hour Lesson (Standard): 

    • One hour lessons (technically 55 minutes) are a typical and healthy length, allowing for plenty of individual piece work, along with exercises and technique-building activities to best support the student.

  • Two Hour Lesson: 

    • While this is less common and much more rigorous, it allows for huge growth in stamina, technique, and can really help if a student is preparing for an upcoming audition. With this time, I can hone in and work on many minute issues that we may not have had time to go over in a regular lesson. (Recommended for an older age.)​

  • Studio Class: 

    • Held occasionally, studio classes are group gatherings of my students where we listen to each individual perform what it is they are working on along with giving constructive criticism. These studio classes offer absolutely vital and amazing skill growth in performing in front of an audience, learning to hear diverse and helpful feedback, and exploring how to give constructive advice and ideas to an individual playing. ​


With hour-long lessons typically done weekly at a recurring time that works best for you or your child, payment is done monthly via PayPal, Venmo or personal check. Please feel free to reach out regarding any questions.

Cello Studio

All of Jonah's lessons are taught in his personal music studio located in northern Charlotte, Vermont.

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