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Vermont-based cellist, Jonah Hutchin, is a passionate and committed aspiring professional cellist studying intensively at New England Conservatory Prep for his Level IV Cello Certificate. He has performed with nearly a dozen youth orchestras and multiple chamber ensembles in both Boston and Vermont and has served for the past four years as Principal Cellist of various NEC Prep Orchestras. He is currently co-Principal of the NEC Prep Youth Symphony.

Jonah was accepted into the Vermont Youth Orchestra in only 8th grade and played with them for two years, while also serving as the cellist of the VYO Quartet and the youngest ever member of the VYO Board of Director's Orchestra Advisory Committee. He also believes deeply in the importance of exposing today's youth to classical music and has thus been a member of the nonprofit organization, Back to Bach--which brings arts education to youth through free events and performances---since he was thirteen. Now, at seventeen years old, he is the founding Regional Director for a new chapter of Back to Bach at his private online school, Laurel Springs, which has students from over 90 countries.

Jonah has studied with multiple members of the Vermont Symphony Orchestra including four years with former Assistant Principal Cellist and retired Middlebury College cello instructor, Dieuwke Davydov. He is currently in his third year studying with cellist Mickey Katz of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Jonah's passion for music and cello from a young age also includes a love of classical music, theory, music history, and composition.



Laurel Springs Academy, Ojai, CA (Remote from Vermont) (Fall 2023-Present)

Homeschool, Charlotte, VT (2022-2023)
New England Conserv. Prep, Lev. II & III Cello Certif. with Honors (Currently in Level IV), Boston, MA (2020-Present)

Music-COMP (Music Composition Mentoring Program), Vermont (2023-Present)

Champlain Valley Union High School, Hinesburg, VT (August 2021-June 2022) (4.0 GPA)

Homeschool, Charlotte, VT (January 2017-June 2021)

Charlotte Central School, Charlotte, VT (2016-2017)

Lake Champlain Waldorf School, Shelburne, VT (2014-2016)  


Mickey Katz, Private Teacher, New England Conservatory (NEC) Prep & Boston Symphony Orchestra (2021-Present)
Laura Blustein & Merry Peckham, Chamber Music Ensemble Coaches, NEC Prep, (2023-2024)
hristine Lamprea, Private Teacher, Longy School at Bard College/Green Mtn. Chamber Music Fest. (Summer 2023)

Dieuwke Davydov, Private Teacher, Vermont Symphony Orchestra, Middlebury, VT (2017-2021)

Emily Taubl, Studio Classes, Springfield Symphony, Burlington, VT (2020-2021)

Letitia Quante, Private Cello-Violin Duet Lessons, Vermont Symphony Orchestra (2019-2020)  


NEC Youth Symphony (YS), Co-Principal, New England Conservatory (2023-Present)

NEC Youth Repertory Orchestra (YRO), Principal, New England Conservatory (2022-2023)

Vermont Youth Orchestra (VYO), Vermont Youth Orchestra Association (2020- 2022)

New England Music Festival (NEMFA) Orchestra, Assistant Principal Cellist (May 2022)

NEC Junior Repertory Orchestra, Principal Cellist, New England Conservatory (2021-2022)

NEC String Repertory Orchestra, Principal Cellist, New England Conservatory (2020-2021)

NEC Cello Choir, Senior Cellist, New England Conservatory (2020- 2021)

Vermont Youth Philharmonic (VYP), Vermont Youth Orchestra Association (2019-2020)

Vermont Youth Strings (VYS), Vermont Youth Orchestra Association (2018-2019)

Presto II Orchestra, Vermont Youth Orchestra Association (2016-2017)


New England Conservatory CHIPS String Quartet, Study with Merry Peckham & Laura Blustein (2023-2024)

New England Conservatory Piano Trio, Study with Aimee Tsuchiya (2022-2023)

New England Conservatory Piano Trio, Study with Margaret Cerjan (2021-2022)

Vermont Youth Orchestra (VYO) String Trio (2021-2022)

Chamber Duet with Cello & Violin, Private Ensemble, Burlington, VT (2019-2020)


Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival, Colchester, VT (Summer 2023)

Point Counterpoint Chamber Music Festival, Lake Dunmore, VT (Summer 2022)

New England Music Festival (NEMFA) Orchestra, Assistant Principal Cellist (May 2022)

Boston University Tanglewood Summer Institute (BUTI), Lenox, MA (Summer 2020)

  • Accepted but could not attend due to program cancellation from COVID

Point Counterpoint Chamber Music Festival, Lake Dunmore, VT (Summer 2019)

Vermont Youth Orchestra Summer Symphony Camp (Summer 2017 & 2018)


Governor Phil Scott’s Ukraine Benefit
Vermont Statehouse, Montpelier, VT (March 2022)

  • Performed with Vermont Youth Orchestra Quartet for Governor Scott, various members of the Vermont legislature, and benefit attendees on the steps of the Statehouse to commemorate the state’s $600k+ donation to Ukraine conflict.

Vermont Symphony Orchestra Jukebox
ArtsRiot (Burlington, VT) & Valley Players (Waitsfield, VT) (March 2022)

  • Performed three pieces with Vermont Youth Orchestra Quartet as opening ensemble for two of Vermont Symphony Orchestra’s Jukebox events. Returned to stage for final concert piece performed together with VSO Quartet.

Vermont Youth Orchestra Quartet on the Farm

Isham Family Farm (Hinesburg, VT) (July 2021)

  • Performed to sold out crowd as opening ensemble for child Broadway star, Mackenzie Mercer.


New England Music Festival Association (NEMFA), Burlington, CT, March 2022

  • Awarded position of Assistant Principal/Second Place for entire New England region on first audition.

Cathedral Arts Young Artists Showcase, February 2021

  • One of only nine high school aged performers chosen in Vermont (8th grade)


Carrington Truehart, Interlochen & Iris Orchestra, November 2020

  • Performed Cello Sonata No. 1, Opus 38 in E Minor by J. Brahms


Cello Studio Teacher, Charlotte, VT (2022-Present)

  • Started and currently operates a cello studio providing weekly and bi-weekly private lessons to approx. 5 students ranging in age from elementary school to retirees.

Event Performance, Charlotte, VT (2022-Present)

  • Performs at weddings and private events.


Back to Bach Founding Regional Director, Laurel Springs Chapter, Ojai, CA (2023-Present)

  • Mission is for members to spread the love of music through performances to students in schools without access to classical programming.

Back to Bach Member, Burlington, VT Chapter (Fall 2020-Present)​

Orchestra Advisory Committee (OAC) Member to Board of Directors, Vermont Youth Orchestra Association (VYOA), Colchester, VT (2021-2022)

  • The OAC is made up of current VYO members and advises the music director in making artistic decisions, while also serving as ambassadors to the VYOA board of directors, to all VYOA affiliated programs, and to the greater community. 

Community Outreach

  • Wake Robin Retirement Community, Shelburne, VT (July 2023)

  • Our Lady of Providence Assisted Living Center, Winooski, VT (Multiple Performances in 2023)

  • Charlotte Senior Center, Charlotte, VT (March 2023)

  • Charlotte Public Library, Charlotte, VT (Performance for children) (October 2022)


Educational Studies

  • Full time student with 4.96 GPA studying both a full high school curriculum as well as Level 4 Cello Certificate studies at New England Conservatory Prep including music theory (solfege, harmony, interpretive analysis), performance skills, chamber ensemble, orchestra, chorus and private lessons.

Varsity & Club Sports

  • Premier Boys Soccer Team, Nordic Soccer Club (Fall-Summer, 2018-2021, 2022-Present)

  • Varsity Boys Tennis Team, Champlain Valley Union HS (Spring 2022)

International Travel

  • Have traveled to twenty countries on five continents including: Costa Rica, Canada, Morocco, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Argentina, Brazil, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Peru.

  • Upcoming: December 2023–South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.



  • String Quartet No. 3, Mvmt. II & III – D. Shostakovich (New England Conservatory CHIPS String Quartet)

  • Symphony No. 8 – A. Dvorak (New England Conservatory Youth Symphony Orchestra)

  • Symphony No. 1 – R. Schumann (New England Conservatory Youth Symphony Orchestra)

  • "Toast of the Town" – Q. Mason (New England Conservatory Youth Symphony Orchestra) 

  • Rococo Variations – P. Tchaikovsky (Solo Piece)

  • Cello Suite No. 4, Courante & Allemande – J. S. Bach (Solo Pieces)


  • STRUM – Jessie Montgomery (Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival)

  • Quartet No. 12 in F Maj, Op. 96 "American" – A. Dvorak (Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival)

  • Pezzo Capriccioso – P. Tchaikovsky (Solo Piece)

  • Cello Suite No. 4, Gigue – J. S. Bach (Solo Piece)

  • Cello Suite No. 3, Prelude – J. S. Bach (Solo Piece)
  • Etude No. 36 – D. Popper (Solo Piece)

  • Piano Trio No. 1, Movement 3 – L. Beethoven (New England Conservatory Piano Trio)

  • Trio Elegiaque, No. 1 – S. Rachmaninov (New England Conservatory Piano Trio)

  • Symphony No. 9 (from New World), Mvmts. 1&4 – A. Dvorak (New England Conserv. Youth Repertory Orch.)

  • Rhapsody in Blue – G. Gershwin (New England Conservatory Youth Repertory Orchestra)

  • Piano Concerto No. 21 in C Major – A. Mozart (New England Conservatory Youth Repertory Orchestra)


  • Cello Concerto in D Minor – E. Lalo (Solo Piece)

  • Elegie, Op. 24 – G. Faure (Solo Piece)

  • Cello Suite No. 3, Courante – J. S. Bach (Solo Piece)

  • Quartet No. 8 Movement II – D. Shostakovich (Point Counterpoint)

  • On the Bayou and Spiritual arr. for String Quartet – Clarence Cameron White (Point Counterpoint)

  • String Quartet in Eb major – Fanny (Hensel) Mendelssohn (Point Counterpoint)

  • Piano Trio, Op. 97 (Archduke) – L. Beethoven (New England Conservatory Piano Trio)

  • Cloud Palace for Orchestra – Katya Mueller (Vermont Youth Orchestra)

  • 7 O'clock Shout – Valerie Coleman (Vermont Youth Orchestra)

  • On the Steps of Central Asia for Orchestra – A. Borodin (Vermont Youth Orchestra)

  • Polovitsian Dances for Orchestra – A. Borodin (Vermont Youth Orchestra)

  • Melody for Orchestra – M. Skoryk (Vermont Youth Orchestra)

  • Symphony No. 1 – Florence Price (New England Music Festival Orchestra)

  • Light Cavalry – F. Von Suppe (New England Music Festival Orchestra)

  • The Machine Awakens – S. Bryant (New England Music Festival Orchestra)

  • Symphony Fantastique – H. Berlioz (Vermont Youth Orchestra)

  • Trios Russes – A. Krein (New England Conservatory Piano Trio)

  • Piano Trio No. 1, Op. 21, in B Flat Major – A. Dvorak (New England Conservatory Piano Trio)

  • Knives Out Theme – N. Johnson (Vermont Youth Orchestra String Quartet)

  • String Quartet No. 12 in F Major “American” – A. Dvorak (Vermont Youth Orchestra String Quartet)

  • Quartet No. 1 in C Major – J. Bologne (Vermont Youth Orchestra String Quartet)

  • Notturno Andante – A. Borodin Vermont Youth Orchestra String Quartet)

  • Symphony No. 99, Movements 1-3 – J. Haydn (New England Conservatory Junior Repertory Orchestra)

  • “Down A Country Road” – A. Copland (New England Conservatory Junior Repertory Orchestra)

  • “Abu Hassan Comedic Opera” – C. von Weber (New England Conservatory Junior Repertory Orchestra)



  • Cello Concerto No. 1 in C Major – F. J. Haydn (Solo Piece)

  • Cello Concerto No. 1, Opus 33 – C. Saint-Saens (Solo Piece)

  • Cello Sonata No. 1, Opus 38 in E Minor – J. Brahms (Solo Piece)

  • Cello Suite No. 1, Gigue & Allemande – J. S. Bach (Solo Piece)

  • Terzetto Scholastico – F. Hoffmeister (VYO String Trio)

  • String Trio, Opus 3 in E Flat Andante & Menueto – L. Beethoven (VYO String Trio)

  • String Trio in B Flat – F. Schubert (VYO String Trio)

  • Siegfried’s Funeral March – R. Wagner (NEC String Repertory Orchestra)

  • Eine Kleine Nachtmusik – W. A. Mozart (NEC String Repertory Orchestra)

  • Wind Serenade – A. Dvorak (VYO, sole cellist with Wind Ensemble)

  • Bassoon Concerto – W. A. Mozart (VYO Classical Ensemble)

  • Barber of Seville – G. Rossini (VYO Classical Ensemble)

  • Lespwa – S. Guillaume (NEC Cello Choir)

  • Chorale for Cello Quartet – J. S. Bach (NEC Cello Choir)



  • Concerto No. 4 – G. Goltermann (Solo Piece)

  • Allegro Appassionato – C. Saint-Saens (Solo Piece)

  • Sonata for Cello and Piano No. 1 – F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy (Solo Piece)

  • Cello Suite No. 2, Prelude – J. S. Bach (Solo Piece)

  • Cello Suite No. 1, Prelude, Courante, Sarabande, Minuets 1 & 2 – J. S. Bach (Solo Piece)

  • Passacaglia – G. F. Handel/J. Halvorssen (Chamber Duet)

  • Duet for Violin and Cello No. 1 – L. Beethoven (Chamber Duet)

  • Hungarian Dance No. 5 – J. Brahms (Chamber Duet)

  • Phantom of the Opera – A. Lloyd Webber (Vermont Youth Philharmonic)



  • Tarantella – W. Squire (Solo Piece)

  • Libertango – A. Piazzolla (Point CounterPoint Cello Quartet)

  • Hansel & Gretel – E. Humperdinck (Point CounterPoint Cello Quartet)

  • String Sextet in D Minor – A. Borodin (Point CounterPoint Cello Sextet)

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